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Italo Caoduro,
Founder of the company, on stage…

ltc caoduro titolare I started this trip in the beginning of the eighties and, thanks to passion, resolution and firmness, the company is continuously growing and evolving.

The relatively small dimension of or company makes each single component of the team directly responsible of its continuous and vital changing. The actual market, especially in the last years, is much different compared to the past, but I try to look at this crisis as a big growing opportunity and a natural selection in the market. We need to call ourselves into question every single day, at every level (company, management, environment, etc.).

I’m trying to differentiate my company versus competition, by following every day our basic pillars: communication, competence, aim to fulfill customer’s expectations.

ltcMy co-workers and I are stressfully looking for INNOVATION, which means grow apart of the present and go beyond the obstacle, relying on ones’ competences background.

We always target the EXCELLENCE of the product, with almost maniacal attention to details and, above all, to the relationship with each single customer. We want to be, at the same time, his supplier, advisor and partner, so that he’s fully satisfied of our product choice: if the customer wins, we are winning too.

Being a small Team, enables a more direct contact with the customer, giving a more flexible and accurate service.”

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