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Design and engineering of galvanic plants

Metalworking in all its aspects: the design and engineering of galvanic plants

design_and_engineering_of_galvanic_plantsA galvanic treatment is a metalworking process which makes other materials more corrosion resistant and aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. It is a very delicate operation, which also involves significant environmental risks; for this reason, design and engineering of galvanic plants must be designed by extremely competent companies that take all of the necessary precautions.

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Various metals are used in this sector: mainly chrome and nickel, but also zinc, zinc alloys, copper and copper alloys, as well as more precious metals such as bronze, gold and silver.

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Surface treatment lines

The processing stages of surface treatment lines: galvanic treatment and fluxing

surface_treatment_linesThe surface treatment lines perform various different processing stages used in many fields of application, such as automotive engineering, fashion, microelectronics, watchmaking, jewellery manufacturing and so on.

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Surface treatment lines are used to prepare any kind of metal for craftsmen or other industrial machinery to work with. Here we will describe two of the most common procedures: galvanic treatment and fluxing. A galvanic treatment is applied to clean, degreased or acid-treated metal surfaces. The aim of the treatment is to give the surface an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as making it stronger and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

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Decorative precious metals plating lines

A meticulous galvanic treatment executed by decorative precious metals plating lines

decorative_precious_metals_plating_linesThe broad sphere of the design and production of automatic systems and machinery for surface treatments encompasses various industrial sectors, such as high fashion, automotive and aerospace engineering, jewellery, watchmaking, medical equipment, microelectronics, printed circuit boards, to mention but a few.

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The finishing of precious metals destined for industrial use requires the use of specific technical equipment: this is where decorative precious metals plating lines come into play. This lines produce high quality jewellery and accessories for goldsmiths and costume jewellery and jewellery shops.

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Electrophoretic coating lines for decorative application

Electrophoretic coating lines for decorative application: what they are and how they work

electrophoretic_coating_lines_for_decorative_applicationThe development of electrodeposition technologies plays an increasingly important role in various different industries. These technologies involve the presence of both “anaphoresis”, during which the item constitutes the negative pole, and “cataphoresis”, where the item is the positive pole. Electrophoretic coating lines for decorative application are one of the most important machines used in the industry.

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Electrophoretic coating lines for decorative application work in a similar way to immersion tanks. In practice, the pieces are completely immersed in a tank filled with paint that has been diluted with water. Obviously there is a continuous flow of electric current inside the tank.

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Electroforming machines

More advanced solutions for the production of jewellery: electroforming machines

electroforming_machinesOver recent years, electroforming has been gaining ground in the jewellery industry. Compared to traditional forming techniques, electroforming offers a high level of accuracy in the production of objects, with relative ease. Today high-tech electroforming machines are available on the market, and they are easy to use and extremely reliable.

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The two machines which are able to use the most advanced systems for electroforming  gold alloys for jewellery and watches, are the Auroform Plus and Auroform Monolith. These two electroforming machines have different features, but they both guarantee maximum production efficiency.

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