Our mission

The availability to listen and the ability to communicate with the customer, the competence to grow with and advise him during the build-up of his objectives, and the ambition to entirely fulfill his expectations are the pillars above which LTC activity rests upon since its beginning.

All this has enabled our company to develop its critical sense and use its professional knowledge to go beyond the state of the art.


Project design

LTC design customized and innovative solutions in manufacturing surface treatment lines, always in close cooperation with the customer, bringing consistent advantages on process quality and productivity level.

We develop modular key-on-hand equipment that can match customer’s factory layout, dimension, chemistry and process management specific requirements.

Based on its three decades activity in the plating field, spent in designing and manufacturing fully automatic and modular customized lines, LTC can satisfy mostly all needs of the surface finishing industry, providing the client with professional competence and know-how, creativity in project designing, execution precision and maximum care of details.

Our sophisticated management and monitoring systems can control cycle sequence, times and parameters of the treatment, giving added value to the finished parts depending on their specific application targets: e.g. corrosion and wearing resistance, conductivity and solder-ability, functionality and aspect.

After-sales support

Since ever, LTC hold with the customer the entire project: from the idea to the project design, from development to manufacturing, from installation to after-sales technical support.

We guarantee on-time delivery, high reliability of the supplied lines and competent technical support from our engineers.

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