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Technical data sheet

impianti_elettroformaturaAfter more than four years spent in development, testing and industrial production proofs, we are proud to introduce into the market AUROFORM PLUS and AUROFORM MONOLITH automatic machines, that represent the most advanced answer to jewellery and watch electroforming demand.

To reach AUROFORM technological level, LTC have combined their thirty years experience in automatic plating machines manufacturing and the competence of professionals in precious metals electro-deposition processes (NUTEC International Srl), together with the advise from one the most skilled technicians in the production of semi-finished parts for jewellery.

All this has enabled to:

  • guarantee the highest weight precision ever achieved in an automatic system
  • develop a new software, suited to manage the electroforming chemistries
  • control and manage by remote the machine/chemistry system
  • maximize its productivity potential, as well as reliability and durability
  • optimize every constructive detail, to achieve compactness and modularity
  • take maximum care of operational and safety aspects

AUROFORM PLUS, conceived for massive production, is substantially made by two working modules (the electroforming ones), in between of which a weighing module is positioned, serving both of them. In the rear, the service module is positioned, with all the necessary devices and appliances for the operation of all the three modules (pumps and filters, level and temperature controls, dosing systems for all the products needed to replenish and maintain the process stability – including water – and the related reservoirs, etc.).

The new dedicated software, enables the two working modules to operate in a fully independent way, like two separate machines that have a common weighing function. To operate independently means that in each of the two working modules, different carat electroforming is possible, working either with rack or barrels. All ancillary operations in the machine, like tank emptying and cleaning, new make-up filling, electrolyte transfer from one tank to the other, change of weighing solution, additives feeding, are done automatically.

AUROFORM MONOLITH, the new borne at LTC, whilst keeping all AUROFORM PLUS technological advantages, combines electroforming and weighing functions in the same working module.

AUROFORM MONOLITH is the synergic result from:

  • operative experience acquired in the last years with AUROFORM PLUS
  • special care in trying to solve the issues of all existing machines, which electroform and weigh in the same module
  • high company sensitivity for what concerns operator safety

The complete system automation (the operator has just to position the rack into the loading compartment), the innovations present (among others, the balance protection against the aggressive vapours developed by the electrolyte) and the attractive quality to price ratio, make AUROFORM MONOLITH the most productive, precise, safe and rentable machine ever proposed for gold alloy electroforming.

In both machines, thanks to the presence of special sensors for all functions, LTC can make, in case of failure, an online check, quickly detect the cause and give the appropriate feed back to the customer.

As an option, a special application on I-Pad or smart phone is available, enabling the operator to control and, if needed, also adjust the parameters of the running processes by remote.

NUFAB GPC – To take care of your electroforming bath!
NUFAB GPC is a simple, manual unit developed by NUTEC for in-house manufacturing of high quality gold (I) potassium cyanide (GPC), necessary for the make-up and replenishment of the carat gold electroforming solutions.
Starting from 99,99% gold metal, it guarantees high purity and heavy metal free GPC crystals at 68% of gold concentration; thus avoiding irreversible electrolyte contamination, eventually due to bad quality of gold salt from the commerce, and reducing the final electroforming cost per gram of alloy produced.
NUFAB GPC module is dimensioned to produce around 1500 grams of GPC every 24 hours, without any metal loss.



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