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Technical data sheet

impianti_decorativiLTC have collected, in the past years, consistent successes in delivering fully automated plants to companies producing accessories and complements for luxury leather goods and clothing.

The high flexibility and modularity of these lines has been vital in satisfying the more and more urgent need of the clients to quickly modify the galvanic finishes, in order to fulfill the demand of the major fashion brands.



Decorativo 20
Decorativo 07
Decorativo 01
Decorativo 19
Decorativo 04
Decorativo 06
Decorativo 05
Decorativo 16
Decorativo 13
Decorativo 03
Decorativo 11
Decorativo 08
Decorativo 15
Decorativo 18
Decorativo 14
Decorativo 09
Decorativo 12
Decorativo 02

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